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The company started its activities in the fabric field many decades ago, in the city of Talas in Minor Asia. In 1922 it settled in the city of Thessaloniki, Sygrou Avenue 8, while having a branch in Athens, Romvis Street 11. In 1958 the company moved entirely in Athens, Aiolou 28 and at the same time to owned facilities in Metamorfosi, Tatoiou Avenue 72 & 76. The ownership of state of the art equipment from the leading manufacturing companies such as ROMATECH, MAMMUT, RESTA, STAUBLI, BONAS, SULZER in its 2 owned textile factories (Tatoiou Avenue 76 & Ieropigis 14) combined with the long-term experience and modern technology in the design & manufacture allows the company to offer a wide selection and excellent quality fabrics as mattress ticking, tablecloths, round tabel cloths (length 340) and blankets.